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Coin Operated, Self Service Laundry

Now it’s easy to do your laundry!

We Are Here To Help

Woodstock Laundry’s on-site attendants are happy to show you how to correctly use our washers and dryers and answer any questions you may have. So don’t worry if you don’t know how much soap to use or what button to push, Woodstock Laundry’s attendants are here to help you save money and time while doing your wash.

Our Washers

Our Huebsch state-of-the art, commercial grade, eco-friendly washers will make your laundry experience a pleasant one. American made in Wisconsin, these washers will get your clothes clean quickly.

Woodstock Laundry has 20lb, 40lb, and 60lb washers to meet all of your laundry needs. With these options you will have no problem doing a single load of wash, washing your entire family’s laundry, or washing those comforters and other large items that don’t fit into your washer and dryer at home.

And because our washers are technically “washers-extractors,” their spin cycles are so fast your clothes come out drier than with a conventional washer. Result? You spend less time and less money drying your laundry.

Our Dryers

Our Huebsch top performing dryers are the finest clothes dryers made. They balance airflow and heat input to deliver fast drying without wasting energy. Our 30lb and 45lb dryers deliver efficient, dependable drying every time. Most loads of laundry can be dried in less than 35 minutes.


Woodstock Laundry would like to make your visit as pleasant one. We offer:

Visit Woodstock Laundry and let us help you save time and money getting your laundry done.

washing machine

All our washing machines are American made!

20lb., 40lb. & 60lb. Washer

Our washers provide you
a variety of washing options
to meet all your laundry needs

Ask us – we’ll tell you how to save $ and time

30lb. & 45lb. Dryer

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